Why I Love Printables

5 Reasons Why I Love Printables

5 Reasons Why I Love Printables

Hello Lovely Planner People,

I think it is fair to say that the world is feeling just a little bit chaotic and scary right now with the dreaded virus everywhere you turn. Many people are finding themselves with some extra time at home, and if you’re a parent, some extra time to try and entertain the kids.

Before this happened I had recently introduced my 2 year old daughter to the world of Stickers through my Printable Kits and she is obsessed! She has been asking for “More Stickers?” continuously for about the last 2 weeks and I am happy to give them to her because I can just print them out and make them again for myself – that’s the beauty of printables.

So it got me thinking – what else do I love about Printable Stickers? – I thought I would make a list!

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Why I Love Printables


1. The Cost*

First and foremost it is the cost. I started buying Printable Stickers when I first discovered the world of planning as a way to ‘test’ things out.  When I first started I was worried about spending £20/30 on some stickers – plus at the time the majority of Sticker Shops were in the USA so you’d be adding another £20ish in Shipping and Customs!! So Printables it was.

I do realise there are other costs involved in getting started with cutting your own printables, but I shall talk about that later.

2. Instant Gratification

Once you have paid for your printable stickers (or inserts) you get access to them straight away!  So no waiting around for the postie to deliver your stickers, which also works great if you suddenly want/need something with a certain theme (such as our Birthday Girl kit) and you forgot to buy a printed kit from somewhere.  Just find a printable kit and boom problem solved.

3. Print and Re Print

I don’t know about you but I get some serious anxiety about using my purchased kits and potentially ‘messing up’ a spread. So I have tons of kits just sitting there as they are too pretty and if I use them I won’t be able to use them again – which is stupid I know and I shall be working through my stash this year.

But I don’t have that anxiety with Printable Kits as I know that if I want to use that kit again I can just print it out and use it again.  Or if I want to give it to my toddler to make ‘Sticker Cakes’ (this is a pile of stickers stacked on top of one another – obviously) I can happily do so.

4. Just Print What You Need

Printables allow you to just print the pages you are going to use. Which means less waste.  Also if you have a cutting machine and are a bit savvy with the software then you can even cut up the pages to make your own personalised kit!

5. Test Different Materials

By having the printable files at your disposal. it is up to you if you print on Matte or Glossy, or maybe you want to try both and see which works best for you.  There are no limits or added costs (other than the cost of the paper) to trying out different styles. My favourite sticker paper to use is the Premium Matte from Label Planet as it is suitable for both Laser and Inkjet printers and writing on!

If you have a foiling machine then a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you with many shops now offering foil ready printables as well.  I use a machine from Patsy May but the more popular model is the Minc.

*CON – The Cost

I felt it unfair not to address that The Cost can also be a con if you want to get a Cutting Machine as well, such a Silhouette or Cricut which obviously are an investment.

It is of course perfectly possible to just print and cut your printables by hand, but if if you will be using printables a lot and are looking for upgrade to a machine , then really within about 10-12 kits it’s pretty much paid for itself (compared to buying those kits in printed form).

Do you love printables?

Those are my thoughts on why I love printables! What are yours, do you love printables too? Let me know in the comments or come and say hi on Instagram

Speak Soon and Stay Safe

Natalie xx


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