Jolly Days – Inkjet Backgrounds – 10 Inkjet Printable PDFs

Jolly Days – Inkjet Backgrounds – 10 Inkjet Printable PDFs




The JOLLY DAYS Inkjet Backgrounds contain coloured backgrounds with colours to compliment the Pumpkin Blossom Kit.

The Pattern Backgrounds are designed to be printed with an Inkjet Printer and then have an Overlay of Stickers Printed over the top whether you choose to foil or not is entirely up to you.

This Pattern Background Pack includes 10 printable A4 PDFs

The patterned area measures 7.25 x 9.84 inches.

Perfect for layering the PR ladies freebies, any of the Overlays or Layering Kits

When using PDF

Always print at Actual Size or 100% to ensure that anything you print over the top will be covered and if using Silhouette will not interfere with the registration marks.

To Foil Over The Top

  1. Print the Backgrounds using an Inkjet Printer
  2. Choose your Foil Overlay and Print Over the Patterned Background using a Laser Printer
  3. Foil over your design using Toner Foils and a Foiling Machine such as Heidi Swapp Minc or Pasty May.
  4. Cut Your Designs
  5. Use your Beautiful New Stickers which can be different every time depending on the background and foil colour you choose.

If you have any troubles please do not hesitate to get in touch.





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