Planalong Vol.4 Printed Sticker Kit – November Bundle – Printed Planner Stickers

Planalong Vol.4 Printed Sticker Kit – November Bundle – Printed Planner Stickers


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Planalong Vol.4 Printed Sticker Bundle

Planalong Vol.4 Sticker Kit is suitable for all vertical style planners with stickers measuring 1.5 inches wide

The Bundle Includes:

  1. The Core Kit (5 stickers sheets and 2 half sheets – usually £12.50)
  2. The Minimal Kit (2 sticker sheets – usually £6.00)
  3. Layering Stickers (4 half sheets – usually £1.50 per sheet)
  4. Period Tracker (measures 3.65×3.35 inches – usually £1.50)
  5. The Freebie (2 sticker sheets)

The usual price for everything included in the Planalong Vol.4 Bundle is £26 – if The Freebie was included as well it would be £32.  The Bundle is just £19.50 so that is a saving of £6.50 (or £12.50 if you were including the Freebie too!)

The Core Kit

  • Full Boxes with Weekend Banner and 2 Habit Trackers
  • A Boxes Page – with third and label boxes, a weekly and ombre check box, bill due, 2 movie marquees and dividers
  • Functional – with day covers, date numbers, glitter and pattern headers, bill due, check boxes, flags and frames.
  • Washi Page – with full height and 15mm washi, a Washi Box, some icons, small arrows and some small deco
  • The Script Sampler
  • Months – Months of the Year that match the Day Covers (1/2 page)
  • Brush Strokes and Half Mandalas (1/2 page)

The Minimal Kit

The minimal kit is a 2 page kit that matches the core kit but is simple patterns that can be used for layering or to stretch out the core kit even further.

  • 8 patterned full boxes
  • 8 bow headers
  • 8 3 check boxes
  • Day Covers
  • 4 Third Boxes
  • 2 Label Boxes
  • 2 Half Mandalas
  • 3 Corner Mandalas
  • 2 15mm Washi Strips – they are the same length as each other so can be cut up as you need.

Layering Stickers

Layering stickers have become more and more popular recently, with people using them in Junk Journals, Bullet Journals and to add another dimension to their weekly spreads and memory spreads

  • 28 Glitter and Patterned Headers
  • 1 sheet of solid shapes
  • 1 sheet of frame shapes
  • Selection of Flags

Period Tracker

Because even the worst week of the month can be made marginally better with some cute stickers, right?!

  • 7 subtle droplet stickers
  • 8 emotion characters
  • A selection of scripts

The Freebie

This is usually an exclusive to the Printable version of Planalong, but I didn’t want you to miss out as I really love these slightly simpler full boxes and additional stickers.

  • 8 Full Boxes
  • 8 Glitter Headers
  • Day Covers
  • 2 sets of 15mm washi
  • 2 half boxes
  • 2 third boxes
  • 2 flags

How To Planalong

The official Planalong begins on 1st November (this is also when the printable versions are released) when you can post a picture of your spread to Instagram or The Planalong Facebook Group to be in with a change of becoming Decembers Planalegend and getting £5 in shop credit!


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